Power Places
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Places With Power

The places seen here, are places where one can find healing and power.

Power Places Are Real

These places are sacred and offten have some paranormal activity.

Medicine Wheel Big Horn Mountains Wyoming.

In the photo above is the Medicine Wheel in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. This is a sacred place.

Spirit Muountain Sunrise, Click here to see the video I made on that day.

Power spot, Marble View North Rin Grand Canyon.

Navajo Thunder


Below is a spirit of Spirit Mountain. Look for an Indian On A horse near the base of the rocks, just to the right of center.

Spirit Mountain upclose.

Spirit Mountain, Link: Takes you deeper Into Spirit Mountain.

Click on Spirit Mountain to travel deeper into it.

A Navajo Medicineman.

Spirit Mountain Lightning Peteroglyphs.

Marble View Medicine Wheel

Sunrise at Spirit Mountain