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Carson Valley Nv.

Lightning Spirits

Lightning over Albuquerque NM

Lightning Photography 1991-2003.

Christmass Tree Pass Nv.

Near Christmass Tree Pass Nevada.

Near Littlefield Az

Twin Bolts, Majave Desert Nevada.

Many Lightning Bolts, Littlefield Az

Majave Desert Nevada. Joshua Tress Painted With Light.

This red spirit appeared on it's own (paranormal)

This Spirit Apparition appeared at the Pictoglyphs near Fallon NV. In this long 35mm film exposure. It was an unexpected paranormal event.

Long Exposure Used

Side Bolt.

No computer editing done.

Non digital photos.

Chacho Canyon Enterence Sign Painted With Light

Above: South Entrance to Chacho Canyon. Below: Sun Dagger Mesa Chacho Canyon NM.

 Sun Dager Mesa Chacho Canyon NM

Lightning storms over the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

My Weather Channel Photo Of The Week, March 2001

Yavapi Point GC

I "Paint With Light". I place colored filters over a flishlight or hand held photoflash to get the colors you see in foreground. I shine the light on the foreground objects while the shutter is held open, in these long exposures. The photos below are at Grand Canyon Az, and Chacho Canyon NM.

Blue storms over Grand Canyon

Chachco Canyon

All photos are done with 35mm film. Long exposures at night.

Lightning Tree North Rim GCNP

Below photos are in New Mexico. Click on running wolf at the bottom of this page, to view paranormal desert activity recorded live.

Sun Dagger Mesa Chacho Canyon

Painted Cactus in NM

Link To Paranormal Desert

Paranormal Desert