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These photos are real. I did not change them with the computer. I "Paint With Light". I used a 35mm film camera. Details on how I do this are on the "Photo Gallery" page.

Lightningbolt near Hwy. 88

Lightning bolt striked the ground about one mile away from me. This is near Carson City Nevada.

Current Weather at the Grand Canyon AZ.

Cloud To Ground Lightning in the canyon

A September lightning storm over the Grand Canyon. The red spot you see on the lower left is my image.

Yavapi Piont Grand Canyon

Pyrimid Lake

Storm Dancers over Pyrimid Lake near Reno Nevada.

Photo Gallery

Click on wolf to enter My Photo Gallery.

Near Littlefield Az

Joshua Trees painted with light. I used an ordinary flashlight. Location is near Littlefield Az.

Long Exposure used, 35mm film