Seeking A Vision
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The Vision Quest

My Flute at the Toquima Vision Quest Spot
Toquima Mountains in Central Nevada

These are three Sacred places where I have done a Vision Quest. The Inyo Mountains in California. The Toquima Mountians in Nevada, and the Kibab National Forest near the Grand Canyon AZ.

The top of Cedar Mountian, Grand Canyon Az..
This Rock marker on top of Cedar Mountian, marks another scared Vision Quest spot.

White Mountians
White Mountians, Viewed From The Inyo Mountians of Eastern California.

My hat and flute om Comanche Point.
Comanche Point, East rim Grand Canyon Az. Another Vision Quest Place for Me.

The Vision Quest is done in the wilderness places as you saw above. One seeks a Vision to find a power that one uses through out life. That Power is always Found Within.